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  • Pendidikan Karakter Untuk Membangun Peradaban Bangsa
    Pendidikan adalah hal yang sangat dianggap penting di dunia, karena dunia butuh akan orang-orang yang berpendidikan agar dapat membangun Negara yang maju.

    Pada […]

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    Artikel Tentang Pendidikan karakter untuk membangun peradaban bangsa

    Text 1
    The Wolf and the Goat
          A wolf saw a goat grazing at the edge of a high cliff. The wolf smacked his lips at the thought of a fine goat dinner. “My dear friend,” said the wolf in his sw […]

  • Report
    Text 1
    Nowadays many jungles in the world are threatened to extinction. Elephants in Africa, tigers in India, seals in the North and South poles, pandas in China, one horned rhinoceros in […]

  • Procedure
    Text 1
    Let’s Make Your

    Own Aquarium Ecosystem

    You will need :

    gravel a jug full of pond water
    a net an aquarium tank
    water plants a bucket
    water animals
    Then, spread the gr […]

    Dialogue 1
    Amir    : Tuesday, next week, is the due date for our assignment.

    Ani       : Sorry. Could you repeat what you just said?

    Amir    : I said Tuesday, next week, is the due date for […]


    Text 1
    Once upon time there lived a kind hearted man and his wife. One morning, his wife found a poor little sparrow. She took it gently and fed it. To show it gratitude, the sparrow stayed w […]


    Text 1
    Last month we had a long holiday. My family went to Mount Bromo. It’s so beautiful. We really had an unforgettable experience. We went there by car. We reached Cemoro Lawang in the eve […]

    Text 1
            The vast archipelago and the great number of island has made Indonesia the home of variety of plant life. The Indonesian flora ranges from the tiny orchid to the […]

    Dialogue 1
    Andi is visiting his classmate Nila. At this time, Nila is in the backyard of her house.
    Andi : Hi, Nila.
    Nila : Hi, Andi.
    Andi : What are you doing?
    Nila : Well. I’m planting a ro […]

    Asking for someone’s opinion

    What do you think about…?
    What’s your opinion of…?
    What about…?
    What would you say to…?

    Giving opinion

    I think it’s a good […]

    I like/love ….
    I (really) enjoy ….
    I do like/love ….

    I’m (really) very fond of ….
     (I’m afraid) I don’t like ….
    I (really) hate ….
    I can’t bear ….
    I c […]

    Text 1
    Yummy Milkshake
    Ingredients :

    Chocolate ice cream
    10 coconut biscuits

    Procedure :

    Put a few scoops of ice cream into the blender
    Blend with enough milk to […]

    Dialogue 1
    Dimas : Yeni, congratulations. I’m proud of you. You’re great in mathematics. This is for you.
    Yeni : Thank you Dimas. But will you come to the party tonight?
    Dimas : I’m really sorry. […]

    Dialogue 1
    Leaving for school


    Cindy : We’re leaving.
    Anne : Wait for me!
    Cindy : Hurry up! We’ll be late.
    Anne : Okay. I’m ready. Let’s go.
    Translate into Indonesia […]

    Text 1


    Two storey house. It is located near Patrol highway,  Jalan Sastrawan No. 3, Flores. The house consists of the following :
    • A living room, a drawing room, a dining room […]

    Dialogue 1
    Mother       : Rudi, can you help me with the groceries?

    Rudi           : Of course, Mom.

    Mother       : Thank you, Dear.

    Rudi           : You’re welcome

    Translate into I […]

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